Urging my Brother- 3-27-06

Case Study:                                                  3.27.06

Based upon what we just studied in Luke 15, how would you respond to the following situation?


Your younger brother, David, grew up in church all of his life and is very aware of what the Bible teaches but started to rebel against the Lord once he graduated from college. In every respect, he is now “living with the pigs.” After much heartache and prayer, you decide to approach your brother in an effort to “win him back.” What would you say to him?

Good enough was always enough for me.  Years and years of playing the field for something better to fulfill me than God, and I never got that the hole in my soul was God and there is nothing better than coming under his wing and living a life for Him.  Life with God is best.  Where is the hole in your soul?  Are you trying to fill your life with something fleeting?

He loves you, he forgives you, and there are people out there who have walked your walk, talked your talk, I was one of them.  You are not alone with God.  People of God are not pussies, people of God are ones who take this world for what it is, call a stupid action a stupid action and will kick your ass if you cross the creator of all.  You will have to fight, you will take hits, but you will find more joy living in the light of this world and conquering the things that you have let control you through Jesus’ authority, then anything else you could do in your finite time here on earth.


Suppose he scoffs at your attempt to reach out to him. How could you continue to love your brother well?

Accept that that talk was just a time to plant a seed, take the shoes off my feet, dust the sand off of them and go on to the next time, but love him for the person and eternal being he is.  Pray that the Holy Spirit speak to his heart and that he be opened to the call.


Suppose he repents. How would you respond?

I would throw him a party, of sorts, “I always wanted one”. Maybe take him out to a nice dinner, Introduce him to all my friends, tell him to call me if he needed me, speak with him about equipping, bible studies, how the Word of God is sharper than any double edged sword and is my shield and protector.  How a relationship with Jesus can make life in the world tougher, but things outside of this world are better.  How he can’t settle for good anymore, only go all the way and ask God for the best.   


What are some of the next steps you would encourage him to take?

I would encourage him to study, pray, read, etc.  Many books, talks, introduce him to people who are interested in similar things, help relationship growth, I would love my brother like my brother.  Ask him to shave off the life of old and whatever holds him there. Embrace the authority Christ has over his life, and to act in accordance with His will, that the Spirit will impart to him, and ask him to take the next step, whatever that is, to live as the new creation he is.


How could you partner with him for spiritual growth?

The whole discipleship theory.  I would call him to accountability, walk weekly through that, loving as God would, embracing the struggle with him and praying and fasting for my newly transformed brother.  I would pray daily for him and ask God to make him wise in the kingdom, I would call him to tithing(2 Cor 8), service, giving in the kingdom so that he might see the Glory of the Lord displayed through the blessings God has provided him(2 Cor 4).


What passages of Scripture would you share with him?

Jeremiah 29.9-13, Ecc. 3.9-10, Ps. 139.23-24, Gal. 1.10, Romans 12.1-2, 2 Cor 5. 14-21.  Phil 2, Eph. 4, I Kings 8, Joshua 1, Hebrews 11, situation specific scripture.


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