The Importance of “Being one of the Few.”

Hillsong’s Senior Pastor, Brian Houston,

Exodus 18, “one of the best leadership textbooks on earth”,

“We all have to live by example so we are all leading people somehow.”

“We are called to live like one of the few. We ARE going to have a different spirit, attitude, thinking, mentality than the majority because we are Christians,” he said.

 Everyone has to not just live ‘saved’ but to lived ‘called’ – “it means you are living a life of purpose”. Leadership is proven:

1. When we are ‘able’ in the practical issues of life.
“Christianity is not just about your Sundays, but about your Mondays to Saturdays. Be committed to living lives of example when it comes to the ‘real’ issues of life. Success is such an opportunity to help others and have influence. What are your priorities?”

2. When we are ‘able’ to see what really matters.
“It is so easy to be pulled into ‘smallness’, either by yourself or by other people. Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes and see the harvest.” Focus on what really matters. Don’t lose sight of the big things by getting caught up with the small things.”

3. When we are ‘able’ to live passionately.
“Indifference is the exact opposite spirit than leadership. Be capable and accomplished to live your life passionately! Indicators that show what you love are: by what you hate, by how you judge, what you will defend and fight for and by your conversation.”

So, go ahead and be one of the few!


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