Adultery, Divorce, Forgiveness

Genesis 3.6-7 6 Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? 7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.”  

The Instone-Brewer site is good.  I got on that this morning.  It gives all POV’s on the subject. 

Shortcut to: 

Things I have learned more of lately: 

Divorce is not a sin.  It is a provision for the hardness of mans heart, it was tough in Jewish culture to appear in front of the Synagogue with a writ of divorce and present your petition.  Not like “1-2-3 Divorce” in Dallas.  It was actually more common in the OT than the NT.  It was a case in both eras, however Jesus threw on the reigns.  WHOOOOAAAA now.   And said, “God intended this . . . You’re doing this. . . how do YOU feel about it?”  The people didn’t come to Christ. . . YOU ARE THE CHRIST, or YOU ARE NOT CHRIST.  They said prove yourself, they saidThis is the reason the Pharisees approached Jesus questioning his holiness.  “you know Moses’ law, how do you feel about divorce?” 

  Seems an attack from the devil, when really all that mattered to Jesus was “where is YOUR HEART?”  I do know God has not given up on Israel, Judah or the Church.   

He has not given up on me, which I don’t even deserve to be in the same paragraph as the aforementioned entities. 

 OT Proposed that Moses granted the ability to divorce with the consideration of remarriage for the woman, as the understanding… etc. They would not be left without food and clothes. 

There are three prevailing opinions on the divorce subject. 

  • No remarriage.
  • Remarriage in two situations, adultery and abandonment.
  • Remarriage allowed. 

Right now, I’m not sure if I wholeheartedly agree on any of them.  It is a tough subject, one in which the bible is near silent.  Jesus does speak on divorce, however leaves open for interpretation to some degree.  With reading in context, it appears there is some grace, however reading in context it seems Jesus is tightening ship on the prevailing OT POV on divorce.   

The NO REMARRIAGE POV, sounds like the COC belief of no musical instruments in the sanctuary, (not mentioned in the NT, we shouldn’t do it.)  Not what I believe, I still struggle with Mark 10, Luke 16, and Corinthians though.  Even if it is mentioned once.. 

When considering marriage, you propose to love, cherish (feed), and honour (clothe) your wife.     

Sexual conjugation doesn’t seal the bond of marriage, or break it.  The vow is made before the LORD, not man, the LORD blesses and is invited into the union. I however, disagree with this guys POV that marriage is a contract.  Marriage is a COVENANT.  There are much more far reaching implications than a contract.     

There are consequences.  I see them coming up.  God hates divorce. I see why, reading on it gives me a headache, and the rain makes me want to take a nap. 

He still loves people, and calls all to His name for His glory.  I know this for sure.All who call on His name are forgiven. 


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