Farkling- Rules of Engagement

Never had the experience of Farkling, (a sort of Yahtzee Gambling), probably otherwise referred to in la Biblia as “casting lots” see Matt 27.35.
Third Brazil meeting… after the “Shots” party, not the alcoholic ones, the “disease preventing” ones… then the Evangelism Training… 45 seconds to Christ… we sat around a nice kitchen table to FARKLE.
Now this is not an act, this is an ART.
Farkling is a game where dice are rolled and points are scored by betting on the gamble that you can roll certain dice to score points, if you don’t score you get zilch. Luckily, I didn’t lose this time, though I was the lowman on the totem pole for a while, the LORD pulled it out, as though he plays dice…
The person who comes in last has to pull off some silly stunt, that one might hear of… The result of this one. – “I think some guy that works at Watermark, will attend church next Sunday in a Brazil team uni and shorts with shin gaurds and a bandana, saying “I’m training for the Brazil Mission Trip.”


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