Life is a Series of Meetings

Life is a series of meetings, each one important and impactful, each one brutal and bloody.  Love stays.  Love earns another and love makes life worth living.  Who or what you love is the question.  Love may be extended to the size of the object or the sustenance of its containment capacity (its own ability to contain the love given.)  Love though contained, should not be held, lest it turn to pride, love is not a closed white-knuckled fist, but an open palm. 


God is love and desires to be loved by all of me.  I choose today to work to give the love and not continue in the expectation of receipt.  I am in control of the gift when, and only when I give it away.  I must allow myself to be loved first.  Thank you God, for loving me enough to put me right here.


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