PURSUIT OF GOD- CHTP5 – Universal Presence

God is even the cause for God. 

Bierisheet- In the beginning – (jewishly) -> God is building a house for his son who is Lord almighty, consuming fire, etc.


Gen. 2- Adam sinned and Hid. God said, “Where are you?” Not for himself, but for Adam.

David- Ps. 139.7 “Where can I go from your Spirit?  Where can I flee from your presence?”  


Help me to know God that you are near, in Spirit and Truth.  Help me to give credit where credit is due, and to have the wisdom to know you are near.  Help me to:

  1. Surrender to the spirit.
  2. Cooperate with him, obey and listen.
  3. Manifest yourself to me father, son and spirit.  
  4. Reveal that you are God and what you are as in the cloud in Exodus 34.

The approach of God to our soul is not to be thought of in spatial terms at all, NO physical distance. It is not miles, but experience… time spent together.

  1. To know him more intimately
  2. Deeper understanding, insight.
  3. Barriers of thought and feeling are disappearing.
  4. God unites with the heart.

* INCREASING degrees of awareness.

– To a perfect consciousness of the divine presence, is our chief goal.

* Revelation of the manifestation of the divine presence.

-Will of God is same for all… no favorites, the difference lies with US.



Ps. 27.8 “My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.”

*things the saints did…

          Spiritual awareness cultivated… I want that.

          When they felt the inward longing they did something about it.

          Lifelong habit of spiritual response.

          Not disobedient to a heavenly vision.


FIND GOD, Sovereign.

-You give up doctrine, depravity, predestination, call, etc… Calvin and Armenian-isms… and find God sovereign.

*“Prying into them may make theologians, but never saints.”

-You find an affinity for, bent toward, a sympathetic response to, a desire to have…

* Increasing degrees? – is this truly possible, if ever near, are you ever further?

* Individual this must have something to do with the individual effort?

* Increased by exercise or decreased by neglect.

– You find that EVEN GOD is a gift of God.


Cultivation and Exercise

-Today we are impatient of slower and less direct methods to goal…

– This is the tragedy of today

            -We accepted nominal-ness of “one another’s” steps, experience, etc.

            -We have glorified men, lived in pride, etc.

            -We have made the word of truth conform.

                        1. To our experience.

                        2. Accepted the low plane.

-To truly do this one must have a determined heart and courage.


TO HAVE LIFE CHANGE ONE MUST have a Determined Heart and Courage.

  1. Exercise himself to Godliness.
  2. Seek to develop powers of spiritual receptivity.

 -Trust, obedience and humility.

3.  Go to the bible for spiritual standards.

            -Break the mold.

            -Be delighted.  NOT TO FOCUS, BUT TO BE FASCINATED.

God is always trying…

          To get our attention.

          To reveal himself to us.

          To communicate with us.


“We will know him in increasing degrees, as our receptivity becomes more perfect, by faith and love and practice.”

(Tozer’s prayer, reworded in my own words, mostly Tozer’s though)


I repent of my preoccupation with self and things of this world.  The world has been too much with me.  You have always been here and I didn’t even know it.  I have been blind, unable to see you through it and observe your presence.  Open my eyes that I may receive revelation of you in and around me.  For Christ’s sake.  Amen.


Though God is ever near, he is also ever near.

I wish to really comprehend this whole physical distance and spiritual reality concept today.

God is, was and will be right here. 

My whole concept of love has forever been a physical touch, a stroke of the arm or a pat on the back, sexual conquests-that was pride though.  In being a physical touch, though that meant that it had to go away.  Once the touch would come, the inverse would have to occur, not so in the spiritual realm.  I have continually prayed to God to make love to me, or to physically give me a hug, maybe cuddle me when I’m trying to sleep, it seems to little avail.  God is not a rapist.

If I could just get where he is spiritually, if I could wrap my spirit around it, I think it would wrap my spirit, maybe to engulf my flesh.


All I have to do is accept that He was and is right there.


Intimacy was a physical touch, a sexual healing.  A Band-Aid.  Now I view intimacy as persistence through struggle, diligence through strife, getting to the other end of the war together, while cultivating a spirit of oneness and unity.


When one might say that that guy just gets it, and I don’t… I think this is “getting it.”  Striving to receive God, finding him sovereign, and desiring God above all.  After that everything else must fall into place, find its own role, and exist.


“Ever reminded, I am never far from whence I came, never further than when I began.  God is here, has been here, and will be here.  I am learning faith and a trust in the almighty, God is good all the time.- boa


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