PRAYER- Tozer- Knowledge of the Holy-

Today, I want to pray that we would think rightly about God.


Without any manipulation, twisting abuse of the language, that we would maybe just have one thought that was right, about God.  One thought.


That in some way today, he could put something from his infinite character into our finite minds.  That we could capture just one little piece of him today, grab it, hold onto it, cherish it, begin to live for it, and make it truly, rightly a good thought about the nature of our glorious incomprehensible God.


God is so near, but so far beyond.


I would also like to petition him to put his love in our hearts.  Not that we should show a character of indifference, as Jack mentioned last night “don’t wanna be emotional out there”, as to HOW ARE WE NOT EMOTIONAL?  That we may not only rejoice today in who he is, but also that we may rejoice in others getting to know who he is.


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