Jeremiah 30.22- I will be Your God.


Jeremiah 30.22

“so you will be my people and I will be your God.”


At a future time, always at a future time… in our nomenclature, daily lingo, we talk of needing to be someone or somewhere, constantly working towards success.  Continued improvement.  We believe then God will love us, we think we should do something more, achieve, be or do something to make it happen.  This verse seems to reinstate that fact, “so,(at that time) you will(future time) be my people and I will be( futuro) your God.”  I would venture to say, with literal interpretation we have missed the boat.  We have missed the point.  It is not here a point in time in which we will be his people, nor did Jesus come only to call Jews, ie. The samiritan at the well, or Paul only to the gentiles, He has called all people to His name from the birth of creation.  Not that we should be his people, but inherent, and even before that I WILL BE YOUR GOD. 


May we acknowledge Him for who he is, make him YOUR God today and then you will realize the glory, humility, pain and joy of being his people.


He will show you complete fulfillment.  He WILL BE YOUR GOD.


Love God, this is worship and the true end of all things.


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