Trip to Bacalar Mexico after Hurricane Dean.

Friday, August 24 2007 

Finishing my second bagel of the day at the Airport, we are about to board a plane for Cancun and trek to Bacalar to help the people.  May not have much food for a couple of days, thoughts of not being covered or housed in shelter and delivering food to starving Mexicans, completely unsure.  No one has been able to get in contact with James, the missionary there.  No one heard.


People on the trip: Isaac Martinez, Jordan Sutton, Brad Watson, me.

God is with us.  Emmanuel.  Jehovah Jireh, God our provider.


Amazing to watch Gary empower us to do God’s work, humbling, yet exciting to be handed money and be told to go and do.  Help these people.


Watched the Mexican news last night with Carlos, satellite correspondents all over Mexico;  These people need God, and maybe in some small way my/our hands could become that, maybe in some way, Father, if my feet could become carriers of good news once again, empower your servants with your word and glory.  Teach us to speak.


Saturday, August 25

11 pastors, at least 5 different villages.  Amazing destruction following Hurricane Dean, a class 5 that is the 3rd strongest hurricane to hit land in the recorded world.  Amazing the way trees are literally cut in half, uprooted or splintered in half.  Houses literally DE-roofed and laid beside, and these people smile in awe and share stories about coming out to play because the storm was over and seeing the other wall of the hurricane coming at them, or going to the temple and praying, asking others to come and do the same, and now, because the building these people had built stands, we will have more people come to Christ.  What a good man, Gilberto of Havilla Camacho.  Prayed over me a blessing a presence of Grace poured over me and I am even refreshed writing this.  His walk was rough, ran from the call, but today is fire, one could see.  He showed us Mayan ruins, desnudo(laid naked) because the trees removed.  He took us to three other villages that he has become a missionary.  One SEVERELY oppressed, however he invited us to the mountains and fear presses into me as I pray Christ over the urge to go and see.  God is working here, even in this disaster. 


I acknowledge your spirit and presence this day, from an 8 hour drive to Bacalar, to many villages, probably needing today but DEFINITELY needing in the future.  I pray Grace.  Favor. And multiplication of blessings.


I am learning a lot of Spanish, very cool how this was orchestrated.  God is good all the time.


Ps. 23(on the first pastor’s door, went through the eye of the hurricane)

“Jehova es mi pastor, nada me faltara.”  God is my shepherd, I shall not want… or I need NOTHING.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.

I wonder if this hurricane, laid out the Mayan ruins “desnudo” in nakedness and shame.

Sunday, August 26

Leaving this place, again seeing the destruction, I am again amazed.  “Sobrevivi” on the t-shirts, as the third harshest hurricane in history, came to flip through the Americas just nailed this place.  I do not see the difference.  The hand of God just dropped on this place, the eye of the storm and no change.  My heart grieves, I stand amazed, and see God moving my heart more toward missionaries and with Gil Franks, Vickie, and James Rackley and his wife, Beverly. 

They tried to recommend to me a girl with a heart to do missions in tyler.  Ha.  –God will set me up in due time.-  I leave in peace.  I watch as I handed him $500, he walked up to me with a tear, Jordan had handed him some money as well.  He said we just bought the roof for his place.  This is the best vacation ever in this world.  God bless these people.


*a joke Jordan and Brad told.

I used to wonder whether Jesus was a jokester.  Walking up to one, “You’re healed…. Just kidding.”  Funny, right.  “Get up and walk… NOT.”  Funny right? Kinda sacrilegious, but funny that is how I thought, then it hit me one day.  If he doesn’t do that with healing, he won’t do that with sin.


“is it better that I heal this man, or forgive him of his sins?”


God lives up to his word.  If no one else on earth does, he does, sovereign, holy.  He has the right and has forgiven your sins, all you must do is receive him.


Back to the simple gospel.  Love it.


Monday, August 27

On the plane back, after a walk on the beach at Playa.

Salsa picante still burning in my stomach, watching the city of Cancun lower below the clouds, thoughts of the beautiful people and the love of Christ fill my heart.

How will I ever find the work of my hands, for him?  What if God did call me to go?  Sell everything and go.  What then?  What would I do?  How would my life be different?  What mark would I leave and how would I get by? 


God is my provider, I trust him and his will, but I worry some.  How am I manipulating?  How am I compromising or making treaties?  I want to be sold out.  To speak when he would have me, and to love when I should.  God I give this to you.  I sit here again.  Fulfilled.  My heart warm with your thought and dream of everlasting to everlasting with you.

My heart warm, goes only to you.

My soul burns, on fire for you.

My love secure, only in you..


You are sovereign, the only thing that’s whole. 

My completer, my only goal.

I yearn for more of you.


Tuesday, August 28

Just got back.

We flew into Cancun, drove to Playa del Carmen, went to Sam’s.  Bought 4 crates of water in 1.5 liter bottles, 1 crate of rice, 1 crate of beans, .5 crate of maiz and drove it down to Bacalar. .  People told of stories of coming out to play and check damages, the sun had come out and all was nice for about 15 minutes, then running back into the house when the storm came from the other way… The place where the eye of the hurricane hit.


Guys from my work had built churches there last year and earlier this year.  Roofs were blown off churches, walls caved in.  Not many hurt, their structures are primitive.  Just all their food and water supply destroyed or VERY limited.  We delivered water and food to 6-7 villages and about 15 different churches, asking the pastors to give as they see fit.  We saw heavy devastation.  Trees 5 feet in diameter cut in half or completely turned over on its side.  Mayan ruins uncovered in the jungle because the trees were removed.  Trees cut at a certain level for miles and miles, or kilometers and kilometers. … literally looked like God came through with a chainsaw, and cleaned house.


It was moving, awesome, devastating, and encouraging.  All at the same time


To carry even a bottle of water to thirsty people.  To feed those who had hunger, to impart even a bit of hope to the people.  To give a dulce to a kid who needed a treat.  To be the hands and feet of Christ for even 48 hours was such a blessing.  More resources are coming, Convoy of Hope is driving a ship down to help supply. The people need food and water bad, they are poor, the government is helping the people in the town, but not the villagers.  Pray for provision and peace, pray for the presence of god and revival.  Pray for His power and Glory to be shown through this disaster.  

Glad to be back and many stories to tell.

Thanks for praying.


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