Emails b/n Tim and I After CR Testimony

My brother and I emailing after he attended my testimony at CR.  I sent an email thanking my family for coming to CR to hear me share my testimony.  Here is his response.  It blessed me, maybe it’ll bless you.

From: Tim Avance
Subject: RE: Thanks for Coming


That was a wonderful event and a nice celebration, but merely a glimpse of the “party” that is awaiting.  The humility you showed and the admittance of a lack of perfection is exactly what God has asked of all of us, what a tremendous example.  It was very uplifting to see you come to that point last night that you have been working towards over the last 3 years with opening up small boxes to few people and growing your trusted group.  To see the culmination of that process with the sharing of your entire story with the world was uplifting. 


You are correct that all you can do is show up to the party.  You are very correct in that the party is not for a select few but the invitation is to all.  Not all will come, and when they don’t the chairs will be filled with those that were alone and cold and on the outside they will be brought in to share in the party.   Continue inviting, the party is still to come.

From: Brandon Avance 
Subject: RE: Thanks for Coming


I know you would have stood beside me. That’s what makes me so proud, and thankful. 

I have a few in my life I would call Brother that would stand beside me there, but you, I know that in my darkest of days, in my deepest of depression, I know you had your hand out, telling me to come back, the water is good.  I seen you do it.

What a long road.  I am again grateful.

I love you too, and am proud today, that you are proud of me.


Btw, great email.  I balled.  And I cannot wait for the REAL party.  There is HOPE there.

Brandon Avance


From: Tim Avance

Subject: RE: Thanks for Coming


It has been tough lately knowing how to discuss God and passions when I don’t at all have everything figured out. Being married helps me understand how little I have figured out more everyday because there is no where to go to hide.  Among other things, I am a hypocrite.  Seeing that group last night was refreshing because it is nice to see again that we are all hypocrites and all have problems.  As we have discussed many times that is one of the biggest struggles for church of Christ believers is that everyone feels the need to have a front up of perfection.  Satan deceives us by saying you are a failure with nothing to offer sit down and shut up.  When Christ says live up to that which we have already obtained, become like the little children, and other items that encourage action, rather than perfection.  It is interesting to feel the call of God again to speak about the knowledge that I have been blessed with in our upbringing, and to share perspective with others. 


Thinking again about the party concept again.


I am reminded of a conversation we had one night sitting at the kitchen table when we did not sleep at all but contemplated God.  You were struggling to understand God because you said you could not grasp heaven.  You mentioned something along the lines of you could not believe in a God that promised such an incomprehensible place.  “And how could one be happy all the time if they never new pain.   It is the lows of this life that makes the highs feel so good.”


Still have no idea how to answer that question about how to understand Heaven, or the party, any better than I did that night, but my faith remains as this.  That is exactly why we serve the God we do, he is capable of so many things we do not understand. 

Timothy H. Avance, CPA



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