Tuesday and Wednesday – 4.29-30.08 – Brasil 08

Tuesday 4.29.08 – Ciudadje San Francisco.

Pray for Linda and her daughter, Isabella, 15.  Communication, relationship, pray for the heart of Christ to be revealed there, and pray the Lord would lead to forgiveness.

Villages here have almost no dry land.  Saw three gators(Jacared) and Lori and I watched a lady clean them right in front of us.  Taking the skin off- looked like something I’ve seen on boots and purses, but never right off the bone.  Taking the meat off the spine and taking the backstrap, and filleting it directly in front of us… Looked like something that should TOTALLY be on Food network.  They’re missing out.  Looked like a good meal for them.  The lady cleaning it was happy.  They live in a gator bed.  She said gators come up to their back porch at night.  From 3-5 meters, 9-15 feet long… amazing.  These people literally live ON the river, balancing on logs to walk over water to get to the house, over a gator bed. 

It has been a difficult day, with Tim being sick, and not having a male translator to do house-to-house evangelism on the boats.  I wish Porto was here.  Need the spunk and vigor of his heart out here.  The Lord CAN work through anything though and just use your talents as best you can, nothing more, it is enough.  I keep telling myself, if we touch just One life on this trip it is worth 15 stupid Americans trip costs and worth every bit of the time and effort because ONE life is worth that. 

– 2 Corinthians 5 – “See no one from a worldly point of view.”

Wednesday 4.30.08 – Novo Esperanza – New Hope

Same situation with the water everywhere and villages.  Went this morning, by canoe to the house of two in a Ciudadje literally half a mile down river.  Linda, Mindy, Ryan, Spencer, Jim and Pastor Wheeler.  High drove the canoe with a weed-eater motor.

We met with two people, thanked then for inviting us in, and told them why we made the journey.  I told them that we didn’t understand something that they had there in the Amazon, something about the simplicity of life and the abject pursuit of happiness without material things, or minimal material things.

Again, been a weird week with the long travel and no male translators.  We’ve had to work with Linda to communicate through a female to the men, and it’s very difficult in this culture.  We almost need women to help feel it out and make it kosher, balance.

Still learning, learning to submit without losing control, allowing God to work in unison with talents that we’ve been granted. 

Anything before the Lord is worth everything to Him. – Take a step.


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