Thursday 5.01.08 – Enseata- Big Lake inside the River. – Labor Day in Brasil.

Review before going into the village, from Captain Ray(High):

  • A strongly Catholic Village, even to this day.  Catholic church right in the middle of the village.
  • Before they didn’t like believers, they threw Rocks at them, as they went up the hill.
  • A man named Mauricio, prayed, and brought a health crew.
  • No Church today in the village, the people are very unresponsive.
  • The Church asked to build even a triage in the village, and said no because the Catholic Church didn’t like the idea.

Morning Bible Study Notes.

Romans 9

16. “It does not depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.

  • God looks after His flock.
  • Our responsibility is to tell His word.
  • God wants to bless us by using us to spread His word.

Story of an Indian Yell in the Jungle. 

As they would travel in the jungle, one would go out, and the second would follow, and they had a yell, that only he could know.  Kinda like that whistle from your father, or the noise someone makes to get your attention.  When a missionary came to meet with these Indians, he didn’t have a way to relate Christ to them in the village, and he was frustrated. 

Then, one of the men came to him, days later, and said he had met the Christ.  He had met Him, and what Christ had told him is, “I am the one that when you yell, you find The Way.”

       Does God keep his promise to those who have faith in Him?  Yes, He always has.

We left in the morning to do evangelism, PTL it was on tierra, earth, dry land.  Carla, the Brasilian Fran Dresher, Mindy Leichter, Charm Charis, Lori Michael, Jim Sullivan and Pastor Wheeler.

First House-

We entered, lady’s in a bra, it’s HOT, with two beautiful young girls running around in diapers.  Older sister there invited us in.  We sat for a minute, talked about life in the village, marriage, she was not married, had 5 girls, but no husband, because she’d just get a divorce.

I ended up sharing the evang-i-cube with them, and she was very thankful we had come that far to share the news of the grace of Christ.  And the reconciliation of us to Him.  What a good story, we decided Charm would share at the next house, she wanted to do it before we left Brasil.

Second House-

We met a 15 year old on the walk to the house.  She was a soccer star from Itaparangua, visiting her Mom? For three days during the holiday.  Charm shared the cube with her and did a wonderful job, although she didn’t think so, as a small parrot tried to attack Jim and I climing around on strings in the house.  Hilarious.  The girl was thankful for Charm sharing.  But was just frustrated because she wondered if she’d still be saved because she still sinned.  I just smiled and let the girls answer. I thought “I get it- I remember that question- God loves you, my friend, God loves you.”  And I prayed.  

Lori comforted Charm, and we went to see her G-ma and Gpa making Farinha from the Mantioch root sitting out front. 

I was so excited to take them, and Carla, the Brazilian to see the Farinha process for the first time.

Farinha place.

The little girl led us a short trail to the place.  You could smell the fire as we walked up to a huge five-foot-in-diameter, wok on top of a stone furnace.

Beni—o, was a black man with red hair standing there to shake our hands, (he would later accept Christ as Amit shared the gospel on the steps of the Catholic church this day.) and his wife, Marisella, was working on the wok looking thing, making the farinha, she jumped up to show us how she used a Chinese-handcuff looking thing to drain the water from the Mantioch.

Girabaldo, a friend stood around, and there was another man fluttering about. 

After playing with the story of Mantioch and Farinha, and asking for Lori and Mindy to play with the Farinha on the wok, Pastor Wheeler shared the bridge illustration, and I was impressed that I could understand most of his Portugeuse, or maybe he just made it extremely clear, as he used the canoe, two sticks and a strainer to make the illustration. 

It was funny to see B, M and Girabaldo watch, while the man fluttering about, backed away in the distance, and peeked in to see what was going on, as Wheeler told the story.  Christ is tough, the word truly does separate bone and marrow.

It was fun to watch a man share the Gospel in his own language, you could tell he loved it.  I suppose God intended that because we had all women translators that we would share the gospel, but was really neat to see what God intended on the trip.

They said they didn’t know who died for them, and Pastor Wheeler spoke of the grace of Christ.

It was a good word, and Marisella smiled and talked about her family and working in front of us.  We got pics and everything and headed to another house across the village.

Fourth House-

We were welcomed in with open arms, which was, in itself, impressive, considering the introduction to the village.

We walked in the house to Metallica on the radio, which was odd.  An older lady, 39, with a cute 14 year old girl, a young man, her son, and a baby, Bruno.  Cutest little kid. He had a hurt pinky, just like mine, I had a blast playing with him.  The lady showed us a fish dish she was boiling on the stove and how her son had won a trophy because he was a soccer star.  He would be on the full size soccer field we played in that afternoon.

Jungle Hike with Cody.

We traveled with the whole crew during siesta, up 178 stairs up the mountain to the second village-ish, through the jungle to the mantioch fields and to here they cook the root. 

Last House.

Got back, up and down 178 stairs, to head back up with Jim, Carla, and Wheeler.  We saw the football field and asked about fruits in the Amazon.  Tasted some fruit, tasted Tapioca from the villagers, it tasted like plastic and looked like puffy circular rice.  Jim shared the cube with the people, they had a 14 day old baby, which was sweetness, they just leave em in a hammock. Quit crying punk. 

They again, were thankful we came, we shared then went to play soccer on a full sized soccer field, nothing like it.  Brazilians are ridiculous at soccer, took a pic, and the leader of the village invited us to come anytime we wanted.  How cool.  178 steps back down, to the shower.

A bit of sadness comes over me as the boat pulls away, and the people wave.  The sun goes down, and we play on top of the boat until darkness covers and dinner is ready.  


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