Friday 5.02.08 – Way Back to Manaus, Brasil

I love me some missions.  I will never be the same.

In all the world Lord, you never change for anyone, but you came especially for me.

Captain High’s Bible Study.

Mark 11.22-23

The man who does not doubt but believes it will happen, it will be done for Him.

  • Pray for anything, believe and within the Lord’s will, it will happen.  John 16.24
  • Have faith.
  • Pray for more faith from God.
  • Pray, and believe it will be done.
  • Not of us.  Not our strength, but from God and of God. Titus 3.5

But we say we have faith in God, then “I’m not going to cross THAT river.”

  • We are to use all the resources we have.
  • Set everything up for God and pray.
  • When you ask, He answers.


I Kings 17.7-  Elijah and the Woman.

Fill your jugs with oil, then get empty ones, they were filled to the top, asked for more jugs and they only had what they had prepared before the miracle happened.

  • Lesson is PREPARE FOR MIRACLES.  – as I’m reading CS Lewis Miracles.
  • God can and will provide.


  • Do you have a procrastinating Faith?
  • Do you put your faith in practice?  Say to this mountain “move”

Hebrews 11.1 – Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11.6 – Without Faith, it is impossible to please God.

       Faith is essential in pleasing God.


The Example of a Loving Father.  These poor people have horrible fatherly influences, men leave, don’t lead, they drink, beat their women and kids and therefore make for a tough upbringing for the kids.

  • Continues coming up, just the influence a Father has on a person’s life.
  • We all see God as an example of our Father.  The lens.
  • We read scripture with this filter, many times, rather then allowing God to be who He is.

Society of Honour and Loyalty.

  • The blessing and fault in honour and loyalty.  Wondering the pride behind.
  • The guilt and shame behind honour.  The fact that people are shamed into obedience, father then freed to obey.
  • To man, this is wrong.
  • If we don’t obey this we become fearful, we wil lose them and guilt/shame that won’t allow following, is only PRIDE.
  • Never thought of it this way… Loyalty, I’ve always looked for that in friends, wonder if I’m shaming them into following?  Talking down to them.  But isn’t that something you’re supposed to look for?  There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother?  or maybe that’s just THE LORD.  who knows? 

I think our opinion on our Father doesn’t so much matter to God.  I think the society we’re raised in is inconsequential to the One True God.  I think He is, who He is.  Assuming this because I AM. He is whole, complete, more than enough and good.  He seeks to allow us to love Him and to reveal Himself to us.  If only we had the capacity, or the ability to receive all He wishes to give us.  Even if it’s nothing in physical terms. 

I just pray this is read in light, I pray I receive my own lessons here, and remain thankful for each opportunity and blessing this is.  I love the Lord, and await the next opportunity’s development.


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