“Be Extra-Ordinarily” Grey.

GREY’S ANATOMY that is. New leafs, not lobotomies; not quitting; clinical trials; suicidal parents; heart surgeries; childhood trauma… “Be Extra-ordinary.”

I’m not saying I see TV in God but I see God in TV.  Ok, call me a slut, but sappy TV dramas have sucked me in.  I have done fairly well at abstaining since Party of Five in the mid-l90’s, but Grey’s Anatomy has done it.  Can’t believe I’m so wussified.  They’re just asking some brutal questions and dealing with stuff in a honest manner that inspires me. Here’s some of my favorite quotes from the last two BRILLIANT weeks:

Meredith: [narrating] We like to think that we are rational beings; humane, conscientious, civilized, thoughtful. But when things fall apart, even just a little, it becomes clear we are not better than animals. We have opposable thumbs, we think, we walk erect, we speak, we dream, but deep down we are still routing around in the primordial ooze; biting, clawing, scratching out an existence in the cold, dark world like the rest of the tree-toads and sloths.

Meredith: [narrating] We go into medicine because we want to save lives. We go into medicine because we want to do good. We go into medicine for the rush… for the high… for the ride. But, what we remember at the end of most days are the losses. What we lay awake at night replaying is the pain we caused or failed to cure. The lives we ruined or failed to save. So the experience of practicing medicine rarely resembles the goal. The experience too often is ass backwards and upside down.

Christina to Lexie : Ugh, you make me sick. Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. There are no teams here, no buddies. You’re on your own. Be on your own.

Meredith: Don’t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t. In face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what the hell it is that make us hold it together.

Mark: I turned over a new leaf, but the leaf isn’t turning . . . Doing it like bunnies.  Can’t change, can’t change… a man, a man who is what he is, I have a right to be that man. 

Then the moment at the end of “Losing My Mind” where Meredith decides she’s ready to be “fixed.”  She turns to the counselor, after a brutal minute of silence . . . “alright, so you think i’m broken. . . fix me.” — “Come on, let’s GO.” 

I remember being there, and it’s such a beautiful moment, first three months at CR, Summer ’05.  COME ON.  Let’s move.  It’s a moment in life that inspires me.  A person, ready to change.  To be worked on, molded, moved.  That moment where you go, I don’t like what I’m getting.  I need to stop and listen.  Swear I watched that scene like a hundred times last week.

Never have I been so emotionally wrapped in three hours of television.  Never have I hung on the edge of my seat as I watch these characters sync’d with situations of hopelessness and amazed by how they persevere, embarrassed when they step up to the challenges and encouraged when they do pull through.

Inspired.  I believe God does this in real life.  In real, monotonous life, these situations come up.  Choose life or choose death.  We just miss it.  Blind we are.  Like sheep.

I am at one of those points myself:

  • Just finished my MBA, $70k in debt.
  • Investment property is 66+ days on the market, unsold.
  • Coming off one of my worst sales months ever, no paycheck this period.
  • At a loss for words, integrity questioned, morale torn down but holding onto hope.

And the hope I have today is this. . .

Jeremiah 29.11- For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.                Thank you Tara Kirk. 

All is not lost, even if everything is gone.  When the chips are down, the only way to go is ALL IN.  SELL IT OUT.

  • Seek harder then you ever have before- and you will find me(GOD.)
  • I have a purpose and it is found in the One True God.

Though armies besiege me . . .  ** felt like a bible verse, but i have not a clue where this comes from… HA.

  • My hope is in the LORD.
  • My direction is in the word.
  • My position is in His hand.
  • My home is in His Land.

He will come again to redeem this groaning creation, if indeed it was created in love(I COR 13), I have hope, and hope does not disappoint us(Rom. 5.3-5.)  I may not see it here.  I may not even know in this life, but one thing I know. . . I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living(PS 27.)

I will persevere, this trial is nothing more than that, a trial.  The verdict is out.  A perfect Saviour has come and died for me.   A redeeming One.  And all I do, all I can do is fall on my knees in worship at the hands of an Almighty God, who knows better than I and provides for the lilys of the field and even for stinkin’ sparrows.

We serve a good God.  All praise, glory and honour to Him, even in this suffering.  Can I even call it that?  All I see is glory and joy of my master helping me to know how much he owns me and wants me to know Him more.  That’s good.

My Dad always says, “Do Good.”


One response to ““Be Extra-Ordinarily” Grey.

  1. boa-
    soooo many thoughts on this…..too many for a small comment box for sure……an email to come……

    however, two of my favorite parts of that episode of grey’s:

    the entire quote ending in……
    “…rarely resembles the goal. The experience too often is ass backwards and upside down.”

    such truth there. looking through a different lens. a different “medicine,” if you will. challenges me. my mind races and my heart yearns……so much to be learned there. doing all good things, right things, and yet have it so wrong. we lose sight of the cross, so often…..and too easily. life rarely resembles the goal.

    “alright, so you think i’m broken. . . fix me.” — ”Come on, let’s GO.”

    right where He wants us…..rarely where we are (or admit we are)……one of the best places to be.
    the joy i found at my rock bottom…..where i found nothing to ever be the same, and never will……
    is it strange that i pray for those painful broken moments sometimes, to feel His presence like i did in those moments? unlike any other moment……the beauty in the broken.

    glad to know you’ve been sucked in……it’s about time! 🙂
    better yet, glad to know you see God in TV…..He’s everywhere, isn’t He?! didn’t always see it. was blind but now you see…..

    He’s extra-ordinary.

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