Memorial Movie/Music Weekend.

So I ventured out to the theater.

It’s been a period of about 3-4 months since I’ve ventured out to the dreaded theater.  I say dreaded, because it’s so annoying walking in, sitting down, and SO RARELY getting a good story that will captivate me for 2 full hours and not come out going…. BOring, or took 1.5 hours to develop THAT story…

So I decide to go back only days after a shooting at the Northpark theater.   -btw, since when did NP become ghetto??? – anyways, we ventured out to the new Indiana Jones movie and the next day, Prince Caspian, to deal with the Indiana hangover… Here’s the review.

INDIANA JONES- expecting to at a minimum be entertained with a decent storyline and some good action, instead I found myself caught up in a corny narrative with almost a cartoon like caricatures of Indiana, and the villan, then the “crystal skull” turns out to be a large vase filled with aluminum foil… COME ON.   Horrible lighting, and backdrops in many of the scenes.  I thought Spielberg was trying to bring back some of the cinematography from the early 80’s, but really, it just looked horrible.  I have said it before, and will say it again, save your $10 and wait a coupla months to rent the new Indiana at your casa.  It might be worth while if the movie rental costs 5$ and you have about 10 friends over, so that the per person cost is under 50c.

PRINCE CASPIAN- So, I decided I was in dire need to follow up the Indiana DISASTER with a followup movie, so we headed out to see Prince Caspian- the new Chronicles of Narnia movie.  I’ve never read the book, so going in totally unexpecting, I was suprised to find, although not that suprised, since it’s a CS Lewis book, that it was a very entertaining story, with many good crosshairs with Christianity.  Seeing Lucy’s faith in Aslan, and to watch Aslan come through for his people, it was a joy.  Even the battles, and fights were fairly entertaining, because you go in knowing it’s a childhood fantasy/fairy tale.  Go see this movie.

While I’m dropping dimes, I will drop a couple more.  Musically though.

Two CD’s that have blessed my life lately. 

Augustana- Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt-  has been a blessing.  “Sweet and Low” is the latest hit off the album, but there are many other tracks on this CD that have rocked my world.  “Fire” with the sweet sounding piano.  “Hey Now” has some great lyrics.  Overall, loving the sound, kindof a Coldplay/Gavin DeGraw feel.  I would say – definitely worth a listen.

Can't Love, Can't Hurt

and finally-

ONE REPUBLIC- Dreaming Out Loud- is one of the best CD’s I’ve had in a while.  The songs, the more and more I listen to them, resonate in my head and make for a sweet day.  “Apologize” has been made a hit, with Timbaland droping his beats on the track, but I would say it’s one of the weakest songs on the CD.  “All I Need” is a wonderful track, talking about -“all I need is the air I breathe and a place to lay my head.” What a cool spot to be… then “Come Home” is a ballad, about a “war between the vanities”… All I see is you and me… come home.  Just a great tune.  This is a definite, go out and get it today if you DO have it, sit down and take a listen to the rest of the CD, if you haven’t yet.  Great tunes, and great sound.

Dreaming Out Loud


One response to “Memorial Movie/Music Weekend.

  1. I LOVE One Republic! Zac is always singing “Is too late to polo jiiiiiize…” As for the movies, it’s gonna be a few months till they make it over this way. I’ll take your advice and pass on Indiana.

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