what’s God teaching you today?

What God’s teaching me today.

God’s teaching me that I’ve used money like a drunk over the last year.

Without a care in the world, I’d pay for dinner, or dump gas in my car, and today I realize what a blessing that was, and how much I was misusing it. I work hard and am a fairly diligent person. I like to bless other people. But, The Lord gives us rain in it’s time, in it’s exact appointed time.

Ecclesiastes 3.1 There is a time for everything, and a season(an appointed time) for every activity under heaven.

Through the blessing, during the last year.  I think I’ve cared for people, I think I’ve provided for friends, brothers, who were in need, I think I’ve given to the needy, etc. I just today find myself at the opposite end of the “prosperity gospel” spectrum, and I find myself blessed to be where I am, Broke. *that is a capital B* I’m thankful to a merciful God, who takes care of stinkin’ sparrows.

Kinda scary to know, you have a house, mortgage, school payments, truck, investment property, bills, food, gas to pay for, and not know when the next paycheck will get in, but I know there’s something exciting coming. I do have hope.

However, I find a sobering reality today, in the fact that I’m broke. Scrounging around to make it the next month, and hoping that my Income Tax Return comes in before June. It may sound tough, or something of a burden, which, Sure, it is. But I would say today that it’s an adventure. Knowing that God’s rarely early, never late and always on time, makes for a pretty solid situation; with the knowledge that God will show up.

I am thankful for this realization today, because last month I was reading Piper talk about a “battlefield mentality” toward Christianity, and I began thinking what that looked like. If it looked like living in a 2400 sq. foot house in the middle of Lake Highlands, or a tent off the banks of the Amazon, I am still a bit unsure. But I do know today that God is giving me newer, more creative ways to fall in love with Him, and that in itself is a great story.

What’s God teaching You today?


One response to “what’s God teaching you today?

  1. “But I do know today that God is giving me newer, more creative ways to fall in love with Him, and that in itself is a great story. ”

    Best line of the blog, for sure. What life’s all about. Everything else……well, He just works out the details. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend. Seek.

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