Augustana and “Free-Wheeling” Rhythm

Born a white-boy of all white boys in Mesquite-or Squite- texas.  I have NO rhythm.

A few months ago, I tried to learn dance at a “hip-hop” class and literally laughed myself out of the class.  By this I mean, I kept looking in the mirror at the 13 ladies dancing around me, and the one dood in there- that I’m not sure was batting from the same side of the plate- and myself and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I’m no more coordinated at dance, then the 3rd grader in gym class that was the first one out in dodge ball.

I think I saw a direct image of myself last night on “So You Think You Can Dance”, it was not a positive image. The judges insulted him, spat on him and kicked him out of the theatre.  I must say, the exercise in humility at my Hip-hop dance class will never be forgotten.

Even with a lack of rhythm, inability to play any musical instrument and no ability to sing- a blessing my life, music is  – as Yoda would say.

Though not musically inclined, I love a good band and I have found a new one- Augustana, Here’s the CD Review for Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt.

A few of the song reviews:

Hey Now.- Great song, Great intro with an almost celtic feel, into a rhythmic hit about fools, doubts, hurts and what matters.  What are you bleeding for?  Would you kill yourself to find freedom, or anything at all?  Great questions.

Dust.- reminds me of a Grammy winner, called Devils and Dust by Bruce Springstein.

Fire.- Short, but sweet little tune.  Piano-riffic.

Rest, Shame Love- Great song, with a Tom Petty feel, worth a listen.

Sweet and Low- is the famous one.

Twenty Years, Still Ain’t Over You, and Either Way I’ll Break Your Heart- are all worth a listen as well.

Must say that this CD is one of my favorites of late…  A few Artists have revived my listening experience over the last few years- Nizlopi, Ray LaMontagne, Mat Kearney, Foy Vance and of the late, I’m considering adding One Republic and this band- Augustana.

BTW, Just got 4 tickets to them next Thursday night at HOB.  C U There?

Really excited, go take a listen and lemme know what you think.


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