Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe.

OK, so this story makes Augustana, my earlier post…  look lameO. 

In this image made available Thursday May 29, 2008, from Survival ...


Indiginious indians on the Amazon, still uncontacted by civilization.  What a chance to follow Paul’s Mission in Romans 15.20- “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.”

Check out those pics, and look at how the indians are shooting arrows and throwing spears at the helicopter.  OK, so I saw End Of the Spear… anyone else?  DO we have any Jim Elliot’s here?

The story says there’s probably 100 groups of undiscovered indigenous peoples around the world…

Never would I have thought this was still a possibility, what a cool deal.  PTL that the helicopter took Photo’s of these people, and what a cool deal to see them and know that God, Our God, loves them.


One response to “Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe.

  1. Did you know that Romans 15:20 was Chet Bitterman’s favorite verse as well? Chet, had the same desire to reach an unreached people group like the one shown above. But in Gods plan he had the opportunity to reach a people group even more unreached, The M-19 Terrists in Colombia. (He was killed in 1981).

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