Reducing God?

Sometimes I want God to fit in a box.  Well, all the time, I want God to fit in my pretty little box that I have right here beside my desk.  Problem is, God doesn’t fit in boxes.

I think that I want God to be this BIG, AWESOME, HUGE force in my life.  But I need that He  fit, in this itty-bitty, bite-sized box beside my desk…  I want him to bless me so that I may bless others, but I only give them ___ of “my” paycheck, I want God to take everything and use it FOR HIS GLORY, but not my ___.

Where is faith in that?  It’s not about God there anymore then it’s all about ME.  Again.  Here again.  God, how do I continually end up here?

I was asked where I stand on the Calvinistic/Armenian ordeal.  I’ve studied that bear for years, and all I said was “I believe God.”  Only thing I know, the one thing I’ve learned as I’ve studied it is that I know nothing.  Even with all the scripture on both sides, I truly believe… God IS. I AM- He says. He chooses. He saves. He calls. He justifies. He glorifies.

He’s come to earth, humbled himself as a human(servant-I might add,) became obedient to death, died a human death on a cross, was raised from the dead to give us freedom, (Philippians 2) … so that at that time, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD-Christo Kurios- and Today, as a Church, all we can find in the scriptures is more chains… or verses to comfort us.

He’s revealed himself to all people.  He reveals himself in creation and created things, but nothing can describe or capture Him.  Not even words.  I think this is why Jews don’t say YHVH, and why they spell G-d that way.  They don’t want to dull themselves to the NAME of GOD.

I want this big and mighty saving God, but i want Him in this real nicely packaged, comfortable and safe way.  I want all the excitement of a sky-dive, mountain hike w/ ski down and category 5 rafting trip, with all the comfort of your local 4 Seasons.  I think seeing as I have to choose between the two, I’d rather be right here, getting little sleep and knowing that in everything I do I MUST rely on God and not me.  I’d rather sell hot dogs on the Trinity River then live in the 4 Seasons, with a compromised God.

I pray I never get numb.  I’d just like to have ONE “RIGHT THOUGHT” about God today.

This link will take you to 30 days of praying the Attributes of God.  Good stuff


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