For God to Direct His Orchestra.

Ever known God was doing something, but seen nothing changing?   How’s that happen?  

It’s like this flute continually playing in my head.

  • He’s all-knowing right, knows everything?  Good, bad, ups, downs.
  • He’s omnipresent right, always here?
  • He’s always moving, always working, but always the same…
  • He’s ever communicating, speaking, listening, guiding, directing. 

Sometimes it feels like only the flutes are playing, and i’m like… “Man, put in for the Cello, or maybe the drums brotha.”  “Fluters are getting old…” -*i said fluters.-* i want the orchestra to play my way… thinking i could direct the orchestra while playing an instrument, the flute i’ve been given.  i didn’t even want a flute… but, God is still good. He lets me play, even one more day. 

Too many irons, too many fires.

I felt like this last night at the Augustana concert, which was WONDERFUL by the way.  I was introduced to the song Boston, and was flabbergasted, i love it.  Just they tried to play about 3 songs on an acoustic mike, and no one could hear anything… I’m like wanting to go tap the sound guy.  “Hey, Can’t HEar!”

Keep feeling this coming up lately… Why don’t the freaking drummers’s drum?  PLAY CELLO’S.   Are you punishing the goodness of the violins by not letting them sing?   There’s few things i know or understand.

With the few things that i do know, i do know that He is good.  That He works things to His purposes for His reasons.  And that Suffering produces Perseverance produces Character produces hope; and hope does not disappoint us.  Rom. 5.3-5

So today i again choose to rejoice in suffering, if you can even call it that.  I’ve never suffered for the gospel, always the giving up of something lesser for something greater.


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