to know as we have been known

John 16.23 – In that day you will no longer ask me anything.  I tell you the truth, my Father will give whatever you ask in my name. 

Two observations:

1. We will one day know as we’ve been known.  I Cor. 13.12

2. The Father will give whatever we ask in the name of Jesus Christ.

The first one’s easy, I guess, but maybe in truth the hardest to understand.  Here on earth we think we know, I thought I knew everything until I sat in silence through two years of an MBA beside the most brilliant people I’ve ever sat with.  I began to understand that even in all my knowledge, in all the wisdom, I could strive to be the smartest person in those classes, and quench the only true yearning I had, to know my creator.    

Here on earth, we refer to knowledge as “experience.”  “Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.” said Oscar Wilde.  But in essence, this is a flawed thought with God because He makes NO mistakes.  Every good and perfect thing is from and through Him.  in light of this, my questions and doubts become few, just believe, trust.  I begin to stop asking for directions or even direction, and ask to know Him more.

Which brings us to number two, “whatever we ask.”  I heed caution to prosperity gospel thoughts here.  I remember talking to an old friend who recently became a Christian, and she was upset because the answer from God was supposed to always be ‘Yes.’  But, she just wasn’t getting that answer.  😦  

For years this, “whatever we ask” was such a carnal thing for me.  An ask for a good woman, or more money for me, or more money so that I may pour into the kingdom.  Today, I see this in the filter of Christ there.   Ask in the light of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, in the shadow of the cross of your hanging Saviour, Lord, Fully God and Fully Man, dying there for you, and your questions and doubts again become few, knowledge becomes simply knowing Him.  

You will give us what we ask Father, more than we can ever ask or imagine.  You will give us yourself, there on a cross for me, and for you, reader.  

May we never forget.  May we know you more.


2 responses to “to know as we have been known

  1. Am trying to locate where I believe I saw a scripture that said after we have gone to Heaven we would know our loved ones.

  2. I’d direct you to 2 Sam. 12.21-24 where David evidences his belief in how he reacts to the death of his child and fasting. Check it out.

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