what reason?

Ephesians 3.14 – “For this reason I kneel before the Father.”

I read this and wonder… what reason?  So I do a bit of surrounding passage research.

13. because you may be discouraged that I am suffering for you, but indeed, this is your glory…. THIS IS WHY I PRAY ON MY KNEES.  You may be disappointed I’m suffering, but don’t be, it’s for your glory.

15-16. that He would strengthen you throught the power of the Spirit and out of His glorious riches.

17. so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.

17-19. that you may know His love, that surpasses all knowledge.  Through being rooted and established in love, you would have this power.

What Reason?

That you may know Christ and Him in your heart.  That God, through His Spirit would give you His power, because this is the love that changes things.  Actually, it changes everything.  He loves you enough not to let you stay the same.

Sin becomes forgiven and a thing of the past, hurt becomes a daily blessing for your glory, because we may know maybe just a smidgen more of Christ.  Life is no longer about your glory or pride or honor, but about His glory and life.

This is the love that changes things, actually it changes everything. 

Give me liberty, give me death, but first give me Christ.

May we know this love.


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