I choose you.

John 15.16 – You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.   Then the Father will give whatever you ask in my name.

I chose you.  Something I must remember daily.  He chose me.  I was lost.  Left to my own chains.   My sin entangled me.  I kept running back to it, because I didn’t believe God was that good.  In my cost/benefit analysis, the benefit kept leaping forward for immediate gratification, and not what was best. 

I couldn’t accept that He knit me in my mother’s womb or that He could forgive even the guilt of my sin.  I couldn’t receive grace.  It was just too brutal.  Painful for me to accept my own “failure-ness”- i know it’s not a word- and look God in the eye and ask for forgiveness.

Redeeming Love gave such a good example of this with Angel.  She runs back to prostitution, even after Michael saves her and shows her the true way to ‘life.’  She felt like she was going from slavery to slavery.  But when slavery is all you’ve known, and become accustomed to, slavery is all you’ll see. Then Angel ran away because she didn’t feel worthy of his love, then she ran away because it was ‘the best thing for Michael.’  

Finally, Michael let’s her go.  After three years, Angel returns after the beckoning of Micheal’s brother-in-law Paul, who for years hated her… Redeemed, and brought back to reconciliation by the one biggest struggle she knew in the life before… And she returns to Michael to reveal to him her true name, Sarah.  It’s the most beautiful moment of the whole book, both moving and powerful. 

Reminded me of Jesus meeting Simon Peter in John 1.42

God chose you today, called you by name, and redeemed you to live life in the freedom of love and obedience to your Creator and Saviour.


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