trusting the Lord.

Isaiah 26.3 – You will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast; because he trusts in you.

Trusting in the LORD makes our mind steadfast, and we will be kept in perfect peace.

God shows up.  He does.  Rarely early, never late, always on time.  There.  All the time, good and there. He changes, molds or moves us at just the right times.  Sometimes we’re prideful enough to think we did it.  Others foolish enough to think it a coincidence.  However, if we’re wise, we’d know He’s always working for the good of those who are called according to His purpose and that is good.  Indeed, He is good- all the time.

A quick story:

Three paychecks down during this rough period.  Last period I was finally paid, because the two previous checks I’ve been sucking out of savings, of which I now have NONE.  Point is, I was finally paid and got $834, which was barely enough to pay my energy bills.  FInancial status is looking at selling my old engagement ring and waiting on my tax return to come back, that I forgot to sign in April.  Talk about a new form of broke- or broken?

But upon cutting checks, I realized that I had not given to the LORD as I normally would.  I was so concerned about paying my bills that I had forgotten to TRUST THE LORD, and thank Him that He has given me all things.  So I hesitantly, reluctantly, cut my tithe check.  It hurt, causing a bit more dependance and trust that He will carry me.  Even if I am broke.  Insecurity was welling up inside of me as I dropped the check in the abyss on the wall at church.  A bit less than normal, but He understands.  I felt a release, a letting go of a stronghold.

Yes, He takes care of lillies. Yes, He provides for sparrows.  What right do I have to hold my paycheck as my own?  What right do I have to take on that responsibility, when that is the Lord’s?  Even if I were to lose everything, I have the LORD and that is enough.  What ability did I think I had to take from te Lord?  I would rather steal from the gov’t or Hitler than steal from the Lord.  

But now Lord, I hold you to your word.  And ask you to provide, and to give me the ability to keep an open hand and to give with gladness, because you love a cheerful giver.


One response to “trusting the Lord.

  1. good stuff, brandon!
    i think of hebrews 11…”By faith….”
    Faith moves and acts….never stagnant. Faith anticipates a better day…no matter how long we have to wait, or what we have to go through. His Word provides that anticipation, and shows that God will accomplish all He says He will accomplish!
    Faith seizes the His promises in the future…and hopes for them.

    read somewhere…..”trust attracts grace, and grace helps saints to trust.”

    romans 3…He’s always faithful….and our unfaithfulness does not nullify His…..such unbelievable greatness….i just say wow….and praise Him!

    you know me…i could go on and on…..
    good stuff…good stuff…..
    thanks for your heart here.

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