hancock on a holiday.

Another Will Smith flick… ok, i’ll go.   Hope it’s not as bad as I AM LEGEND.  i mean, i want to watch Tom Hanks for an hour and a half in a movie like CastAway.  But, I AM LEGEND with aliens and attacks, not interesting.. We go.

i tell you what.  i crave a good action flick.  i love it when you make the main character just believable enough to be human then undefeatable enough to be a superhero. 

Hancock was just that. Human enough to allow himself to be a drunk, arrested, yet super hero enough to have a brilliantly planned opposite, not even an arch-enemy, but rather a curse to his immortality.

This brought back alot of questions from the early 2000’s.  Mainly deriving from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, what is immortality like?  What if you could live for all eternity?  All that you love around you dies, all you’re left with is you- and God.  What would that impact, would you have more hope, or less?  Would you be left to do good deeds, impact the world? change the way things are?  Why not today?

Why am I not living like I have eternal life today?  What would I do differently?  How would this change things today? 

Many, many questions.  But was a great flick, I totally recommend it.  Don’t go in with high expectations.  But go in, knowing it’s an action flick, and expect to be entertained with good action and a decent storyline.


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