deep thoughts on the prodigal son- younger.

So I dove in last night. The Story of The Prodigal Son. The waters are deep.

I have long held onto this book bought for me at a bookstore in Houston a little over a year ago, called “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri M Nouwen.

The first chapters have been very interesing, as to Nouwen’s depth of insight in looking at this Rembrandt painting and into the painter’s life itself. It’s amazing how art explains, the artist. This is why I changed my header today. If you care to read my blog, you might want to know what I see in this large melon of mine. And it’s art. All the time, intensely beautiful interactions of dance and life, standing still and death all intertwined in a beautiful mess, all called to entertain thoughts of giving glory to God, like He could gain any more glory.

But creation worships its creator. Art, is beautiful in itself, just as the artist made it beautiful, because He himself took the time to put His heart and soul into that piece. Even if it was for that one second. Nouwen took a trip to see the painting itself, and describes an amazing scene of being “spellbound by this gracious dance of nature and art” as the lighting in the room, changes the depth and interest of the three bystanders in the painting, outside of just the father and son, change with the light and reflection.

Amazing depth to this man’s writing, and many years of refinement. You can tell Nouwen has poured out his soul, to come back later in life and write a well-organized piece of work in this book.

I could write pages… I will leave you with this. Nouwen, looks to dive into the three main characters in Rembrandt’s painting, in the book: The Younger Son, The Elder Son, and The Father. I await patiently. I am reading about Nouwen’s insights to the younger son, here is a profound word, there are many:

“The younger son’s return takes place in the very moment that he reclaims his sonship, even though he has lost all dignity that belongs to it. In fact, it was the loss of everything that brought him to the bottom line of his identity.”

I love it. Like, this is right where I most needed to be, and even in it, quite possibly the most healthy place.


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