what makes the difference?

Ok, so I finished the first section of the Prodigal Son, and am a bit overloaded by Nguwen, because the Younger Son was pretty deep. So I open up Miracles by CS again, and get past the brick wall that I had hit about reasoning and miracles, PTL, to come to work and listen to Tony Robbins, talking on TED about what makes the difference in people’s life? I keep trying to get back to my Psalms 16.5-6, and 4, but just can’t at the present time. Here’s my Difference notes from Tony’s speech:

So at TED, Tony’s talking to a room full of logical genius’, and he begins by telling them our actions are based on emotions. – in business school, we always assumed that people were ‘rational’, they will always act in their own best interests.  The unpredictable, the intangible, was the ‘Irrational,’ some thought to be explained by Einstein’s theory of brownian motion, others that people are nuts.-  Robbins says, We think of something, we will it, but when we get the right “Emotion” we can do anything.  He also says it’s Emotions that cause us not to always act in our own self interests, -we will at times hurt ourselves for that which we love, or sell everything to pursue something greater. This is such the standard human predicament, I LOVE IT. Essence of Humanity.-

-I’ll try to put blocks around any of my thoughts here, so you don’t think Mr. Robbins an idiot.  btw, I have ZERO clue as to his religious stance, doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just re-gurging what he said.- ok, back to Tony,:

What makes the difference in People’s life? Understand people’s life needs.

Two Ways to get there. 

  1. Science of Achievement. Find the right emotion, Get it done.
  2. Art of Fulfillment. Appreciation. Contribution. You can only feel so much, by yourself.

We find fulfillment in Love, Education, Money, Background, -addictions?, GOD? Worshiping our Creator?-

He says, paraphrased, (You ever noticed how people with all the Love, Money, Background, etc. aren’t always the happiest? They live these restrained lives, and end up solo from divorce, broken in relationships, lonely in work, isolated, etc.  And, People who’ve been through serious pain or in pain, many times, having been through it all, give the most back.)

-this is how Tony says,- “You can KNOW and never APPLY.”  

Why do people fail? People always say, time, money, management. But Tony says, we’re either missing resources or resourcefulness.

Decisions shape our destiny. We must:

  • Focus on something.
  • Concentrate on action.
  • Then do it.

Two things that “Shape you.”

  1. Short Term- State- physical/ emotional well-being.
  2. Long Term- Model of the World.

Three things we must do.

  1. Find your Target. “Uncover” it.
  2. Work out Belief System. (Way to get needs.)
  3. Fuel.

SIX UNIVERSAL NEEDS – (I’m paraphrasing here)
1. CERTAINTY-  (We would like to at least be comfortable. Home, Food, Money, etc.
We want Certainty, as far as that goes.  But when we get “TOTAL, Absolute Certainty” Whattya get?  Bored. This brings us to… 
2. UN-CERTAINTY-  (Everyone likes surprises, right? BS.  We only like the suprises we LIKE, the ones we don’t like, we call PROBLEMS.)
3. IMPORTANCE-  (Significance)  We sometimes find this in money, or being different.  The fastest way to find importance, significance, is violence.  Pull a gun on someone and you become the MOST important thing in their world.  Need a societal shift for this.  But this one’s all about being unique, different, YOU. 
4. LOVE- (Connection)  Many want love, but we settle for connection, because love is scary.  We find this intimacy in relationship, friendship, prayer, etc.

All the above are Personality needs, the two below are Spiritual needs.  

5. GROW- Kinda self explanatory.
6. CONTRIBUTE- (Contribute beyond ourselves)  Teach you the lesson that ‘strangers care’, you can ‘make a difference.’  The bear here is that people want to contribute once they experience it, and not just talk about it.  -People are experiential-

MAP- plan your schedule, time, budget, etc.  Figure out a way to get to where you’re going.

And the way to get us there, is- by his first statement- Emotions.   Find the right emotion and do it.

EMOTIONS.-  He said with 6,000 words for emotion in the English language, people experience less than 12 each week.  Most emotions experienced are negative. -Find positive emotions. –  Speak LIFE and not DEATH. 

How to get there?  Explore your web. 

  1. So there’s more of you to give.
  2. So that you can appreciate what’s driving other people.

– I loved what he said here.  You can do anything, just need to set your heart to it, find the right emotion and pursue.  Funny how I look for logic in everything, and the thing that gets me to God is emotion.  The last place I look, completely not my style.  But Emotions, that he talks about here, just goes so deep.  Thinking about the time in CR where I had my guys ask me what I was feeling every day to make sure that I WAS feeling, because I’ve been taught not to feel, stoicism. 

Emotions, though there, may not always be trustworthy, but God is faithful.  Emotions bring us to the experience of God.  They bring us to the knowledge of the unknowable. I pray I can turn an emotion into action this week.


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