So, i didn’t so much get in the word yesterday. But i did look at it.  Does that count?  *referee’s voice* we’ll allow it. 

Anyone ever read an author, your so akin with, you feel as if you’ve known them.  Like they’ve had the same conversations with God that you have, or they’ve walked some of the same walk you have to get you to the point you’re at that day?  i’ve had some thoughts of that when reading Paul writing in Romans, some in Corinthians, definitely Phillippians.  i was thinking i’m beginning to like CS like that, Manning for sure, Nouwen, may get there, Piper, i would allow to move into my house. 

So, i didn’t so much get in the word yesterday…

But, i did get into some Henri Nouwen, talking about the younger brother in the Return of the Prodigal Son, we had dinner.  -i wrote ten pages on the Younger Son, -may post it soon, thoughts?-  i think i had a date with him and CS Lewis, Miracles after that last night.  -i wrote ten pages on Horrid Red Things. -Piper came by at the end of the night, and we just sat round the table, having a cigar.  Smoking, drinking sweet tea, and talking about things deeper than the oceans could hold, and a God bigger then Nature or the universe could contain.  One that loves us so much that he doesn’t torture everyone with this logical thought pattern that I am cursed with, or maybe the illogical pattern i’m blessed with.  You could turn that a thousand different ways and never see a plain result.  But in the end, Gospel rules, He is Sovereign, far above us.  Amazing, awe-striking, awe-inspiring, awesome.  

i sat there, praying, drinking tea.  Smoking, reading, praying, etc.  and was just so full.  So full to have my mind wrapped around the personhood of Christ, acknowledging His presence, learning about how He accepts the Prodigal Sons of this world, and how He interacts in this world through miracles.  How we can never fully express Him in any language.  i think back to Tozer, praying, writing a chapter about having ONE RIGHT THOUGHT about God today.  i prayed diligently for one word.  And, i was so blessed last night with that.  It may not have come from the bible, it may not have been an ancient word of old, but the thought, the line of thinking, i feel brought me closer to God, to have a chance to dwell with intellectuals, sit and listen, as if a bump on a log, and allow CS to explain thought, developing images, turning into language, and inherently boiling out into metaphor.  

Could one metaphor contain God?  Think about the images that develop in your head. . . 

Let’s try one.   FATHER. 


Could one metaphor contain Jesus?

Let’s try one. SON. 


Third part?


i hope you can take the images, conjuring in your brain to re-think of these three words.  Contemplate them, remove all human assumptions you have made in your life.  

Allow God the ability not to represent your earthly father, if you’ve been hurt by him, but allow Him to redefine FATHER for you.  

Allow Christ the grace of not being labeled as your humanly brother, your Father’s SON, who used to try to beat you in all competition and took food off your plate as a child.  Remove all thought surrounding, and Think of Christ as the Loving Saviour as He is.  

Allow Holy Spirit, not to be the wind, or some image of a genie coming out from the lamp, but allow Him to be whole and free in your Spirit, because He lives in you.

How about a goal of One Right Thought about God today, “That’ll Do Pig.  That’ll Do.”


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