man of faith- George Mueller- 1

Most of this is from a short book/pamphlet about an interview with a 91-year-old George Mueller, after a long life lived serving God, this man died in 1898, and served in an orphanage he managed the later years in his life. Never asked anyone for money, simply lived a life dedicated to Faith and Prayer, and God showed up.

– I wonder how many times I’d go hungry if I had to live a life dedicated to faith in God? Is my faith that weak? or would he provide for a doubting believer? Forced to find Faith, might be my book, or Dead because of Doubt. O, Lord strengthen this weak vessel.

The question was asked to this man of faith, George Mueller: “How can we- you and I- increase our faith?”
The writer says George would answer in this manner.
Be willing to pay the price. What price?

  • Study the Word of God and believe it’s blessed promises.
  • Be ready to say “My whole life shall be one service for the living God.”
  • Walk uprightly and don’t regard iniquity in your heart.
  • With the simplicity of a child confide in God.

When asked whether George had a reserve fund? He responds:
Who am I? Save for myself? Never, all I have I give to God… Our reserve fund is in heaven.”

When asked about his call to ministry, and the orphanage, George responds:
“I only knew God was in it, and was leading his child into untied and untrodden paths. The assurance of His presence was my only stay.”
assurance of His presence, MY ONLY STAY. What a bold statement. It gives me chills, and makes me so frightened and happy at the same time. It’s bold. It’s faith.

He would encourage a believer:
“Seek entirely to depend on God for everything.”

Do you have discouragements? He would encourage:
“Find confidence in God… His word never returns void.”

When asking the question about which way should I go? George directs:
“Ask the question, ‘Is this agreeable to the mind of God? Is it for His glory?’ Pray, set a course with Him, begin it with His name and continue it until the end.”

More urgings:
“Do not regard iniquity in your heart. Trust in God. Depend only on Him. Wait on Him. Believe on Him. Expect great things from Him. Faint not if the blessing tarries. Rely only on the merits of our Saviour.”

(more to come.)


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