man on fire review

ok, trying something new… kind of a stream of consciousness post… watching the movie sunday night, i was struck by the beautiful imagery, and meaning behind the scenes and characters, and actors… and just took notes…
hits home when you know something of the mexican lifestyle and can see the destruction of the mexican mafia interlaced in this movie… very profound… i cannot fathom the pain, hurt or loss, hundreds abducted each year. Many policemen held hostage to their jobs and lives by the mafia, government tarnished by compromise and catering to the needs of these villans. I couldn’t imagine.
We are blessed here in the States. so blessed, this is a movie spoiler, so watch the movie first, a total recommendation from me…

notes on Man on Fire
I am the sheep that God lost madre.  Rom. 12.21

Denzel W in Mexico City
Great shots.  amazing film.  background, histroy, interaction, etc.
Do you think God will forgive us for what we’ve done?
Shots of an alcoholic (in Denzel’s character, Creesy), the pain, the loss, the hurt, lights the colors, playing with a gun and unloading the bullet to be caught in the hand.
Lupita’s, (the little girls) interactions w Denzel. swim meets…
flash and lighting effects.
kidnappings, loss, pain, hurt.  only child.
scenes, cutting from great shot to great shot.
Christopher Walken’s madness, and awesomeness.
i love mexico. the whole idea of it.
the music as the mom walks away,
maneja.  . . ok, manejo.
the ultimate wreckless abandon.
“what are you gonna do?”
Im gonna kill em, anyone who was involved with it, anyone who profitted from it, anyone who was there, I’m gonna kill em.
que quieres saber???
la voz… the butcher, la hermanadad, las guardianas.(all the kidnappers)
i’m just a professional…
revenge is a meal best served cold…. the swim pool shot with creesy and lupita… burning cars…
-In the bible it says to forgive.  forgiveness is between them and God, It’s my job to arrange the meeting.
ya know, i’m just a professional.
last wish… i wish, you had, more time.  Man on Fire.
walking away with the Gladiator type music behind it…

the most important thing in life, is family.
i’m going to take your family apart piece by piece… i dont’ want your money, i want you…

something freeing about all bets being off, it not being about the money, just about the freedom found. everyone recognizes the chains of money, we just do nothing about it.

will give you a life for a life.
I will give you her life(Creesy), for your life and the life of my brother.
Brother for the girl.
drips of blood from his hands, lupita on the bridge, mom holding a gun to the brother’s head, don’t let him go till she’s with you.

lupita back safe…
i love you creesy… you love me too don’t you.  yeah.
mom back with her daughter, streets clean from the corrupt.
man gives his life for the life of the child, he loved to not like.  But the point is she changed him, made him human, made him come outside of the self indulged shell, of drunkenness to live outside of the chains and for something.
Creesy walking to the Mafia’s car. A picture of Christ, less the prior vengence, but giving up everything he ever had or was for his job, for this girl, for life.
Beautiful, touching, profound.

seems that’s where we all should end up lest we not find purpose.
God is good. All the time. I am thankful for a beautiful Saviour in Jesus Christ, in the blessedness of knowing even one inkling of my redeemer. to know Him, to make Him known, an amazing purpose, far beyond me, or any means i have today. All the time, God is good.


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