berkley and emory- praise report

The LORD has His ways.  Though they are not necessarily my ways, or my thoughts His thoughts, Isaiah 55.8.

i went to a Shane and Shane concert on the eve of the birth of these two little beauties, and prayed.  i met with Ryan, my best buddy from high school, before as they had decided to pursue pregnancy in a tough situation, and prayed.  we praised God as Lacy became pregnant with two little miracles, and prayed.  We shook as we heard Lacy had gone into early delivery and the babes were brought out at 1.5 pounds a piece, and prayed.  25 weeks and an uphill battle to climb, why would The Lord offer any easier path?  men of faith like Ryan are born in these situations.  We prayed fervently as two little beautiful blessings were brought into this world under a covering of prayer that i’m sure many experience, but few with the success of these two little soldiers.  i post, late tonight to share a little victory with you.

Struggle to salvation, pain to praise.  The Lord works miracles everyday.  My dear friends Ryan and Lacy have been blessed to realize this over the last five grueling months, and i am thankful to The Lord, YHVH, for victory today for His kingdom.

I am caringly inclined to the words of a man of faith, George Mueller, for this occasion. 
George says, “The joy to which answers to prayer give cannot be described…”

So often we pray for an increase of faith, but are we willing to pay the price?
Appearances today are not to be confused with faith. –if it appears so, it takes little faith to believe, however God is able to do more than we could EVER ask or imagine. –
“God delights to do good to others through them that they themselves throught the exercise of faith, may obtain an increase of it. Difficulties, limitations, hinderances, bereavements, and losses though we shirk exceedingly from them, are the very agencies that God uses to cause us to grow… a Christian is made strong by adversity.”

“Again, the increase of faith is dependant upon the individual’s attitude toward the method God uses for this purpose. Instead of wanting no trials before victory and no exercise of patience, the child of God must be willing to take these things from His hands as means of expanding his Christian life. Trials, difficulties, obstacles, griefs, necessities are all the very food of Faith.”

Lord, I am satisfied in your dealings with us today, and thankful for this wonderful blessing. Cover the Cox Family, carry them, caress them and bring them up to be powerful in your kingdom, not solely in this world but also in the spiritual realm, where you reside. Bring us to an ever increasing knowledge of You, who you are and what You are doing in our hearts today. Praise you, blessed are You O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who can indeed do more than we can ever ask or imagine. May Your name be praised as these girls are brought home, and live under this covering for the rest of their days.

Take a minute and read Ryan’s touching letter:

We are proud to announce that Berkley is graduating from the NICU! We were informed Wednesday afternoon that because she had taken 24 consecutive bottle feeds, she was ready to come home. Now the real fun begins…car seat, baby monitor, scrub the floors, wash the bedding, scrub the walls, wash the bedding, scrub the crib, wash the bedding….you get the idea. We were originally told that we would be able to bring her home today, but because there was so much that needed to be done (discharge papers, scrubbing, installing, etc.), Berkley’s homecoming will be tomorrow. We pray for a smooth transition and that Berkley will adapt to her new home without any setbacks.

While we have prayed fervently for God to bring Berkley and Emory home together, April 14, 2008 taught us that there is a reason for everything. And we know He has a reason for all unanswered prayers. Emory is doing great but needs a little more time to figure out this feeding thing. She is getting up to 6 bottles per day depending on her strength and energy levels. Some days she takes 3 or 4 full bottles and other days she is unable to finish a single one. The doctors have tried several different methods to help her, such as thickening her milk and trying different nipples, but nothing has clicked. Emory is trying so hard and shows signs of progress each day. Unless she improves significantly over the weekend, she will have the barium swallow test on Monday. We pray that she will progress so much this weekend that she can forego the test, but if it is necessary, we pray that it will provide the doctors and nurses with valuable information that helps Emory get home faster. We also pray that God will take extra special care of Emory tomorrow and every day thereafter as she will need Him to comfort her while she and her big sister are apart. We pray that those days will pass quickly.

On Monday, July 28, 2008, we celebrated Berkley and Emory’s original due date. 15 short weeks ago, God providentially altered his plans for us. It’s hard to believe that both girls weighed less than 1 pound and 5 ounces and were fighting for their lives. Now, they weigh more than 6 pounds and 12 ounces and are fighting for more food. We were told that becoming a parent changes your perspective forever, and truer words have never been spoken. While no parent should ever have to spend a day in the NICU, we feel privileged that God chose to reveal Himself to us and perform countless miracles, every day, for 108 consecutive days (and still counting).

The NICU has introduced us to some amazing people, and we have experienced many more ups than downs. During that first night in the NICU, we met two wonderful parents of twin girls that were once as small as Berkley and Emory. And we proudly looked on as they took their healthy girls home. We also attended the funeral of a courageous baby girl, once as small as Berkley and Emory, and we watched as her amazing parents spoke so proudly of the 35 days that God allowed them to have with her. We may never understand why He chose us, but we do know that it is because of your prayers and His mercy, that we have two beautiful and healthy girls. When we were afraid and weak, you sent us a card, you brought us dinner, and you posted words of encouragement on CaringBridge.

God has given us all two living miracles in Berkley and Emory, and their lives are a testimony to the grace He pours on us when we don’t deserve it. He has saved them and strengthened their little bodies for the short term, and they will undoubtedly be dangerous for His great name in the future. It is because of Him that many experienced doctors and nurses have said, “I have seen so many ‘25 weekers,’ but I have never seen any baby make it through the NICU as perfectly as Berkley and Emory have.” Tomorrow is the first of two big steps for the Cox family. Thank you all.

We praise God for 11 more days with Berkley and Emory (that makes 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 (15 weeks), 106, 107 and 108).


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