in Christ’s name

Ever made an appointment with God? Ever said, DOOD just meet me here. I need You.

Well, I need one. God’s good, all the time… and I need him. Desperately.

Seems lately it’s been weighing on my heart to make Christ known, just to speak of His goodness, for we know it not. To tell Christians around me, to KNOW He is good, because if we don’t, we misrepresent Him. To have faith from God.  Even the believers, why do we doubt?  And when we do doubt, why do we continue in anything else other than seeking the Lord’s face?  How do I continually cycle guilt and shame in the light of a powerful, merciful Saviour?

How does life work without Christ’s name being known? Why does feeling lead us far far from Him, the ONE solution? How can the unchanging God hear our prayer and change us, but will he just incline our hearts toward Him? Why should He say “Follow Me,” if indeed He is always nearer than we can realize or recognize? Why can’t we see? Why can’t we know? or understand? How in the light of an amazing immortal God do we go astray? How could we seek anything less than knowing Him, the fullness of His sacrifice and love.

God, do this according to your will, lead sinners to know your name, show Us your glory in the grind and reveal to us your mighty power in the daily questions that we have. Show us your love in might and power in being truly in submission to your power and control. Give me faith to reveal to others this promise and Joy in me.


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