i wish you a word.

I keep sitting here thinking about my next blog:
I pray for the Porch, alot.
I pray for CR.
I pray for leaders.
I pray for faith and a heart after the Lord, But know not how to give you insight.
I wish to give you a thought.  Something Godly from me.  Some thought about God that might provoke you to unabashed acclaim for my Saviour, something that might direct you to the foot of the Cross, some word that would reveal to you the truth of God.

If I were to strive to do this in myself, I might give you a small fire, start a little walk for you, or say some word that you might like, but if God were to come, and give you that word, Himself, it would last, it would not fall on deaf ears, but it would accomplish it’s purpose.

So for this i pray.  That The Lord would meet you directly today, that he would take you, where you’re at in this moment, and bring you to the reality that is Him.  That is nothing but Him, that He would remove us from this body of fleshly and these worldly desires to something higher.

A knowledge that this is not the ultimate reality.  Do we live here on earth, each have individual journeys that God cares about independently, yes.  Do we have to find a way, yes, but should we conform?  No.  He is the ultimate reality, He is the only Truth.

Everyone searches for truth.
Everyone wants something real, something we can grasp. So we look and look, grabbing one thing and then another. Placing one thing in front of us and then another, when in essence we are missing the utimate reality, that we can plug-in to the knowledge that is God. We can seek His face, and yearn to know Him more.  Indeed, He is the ultimate Truth, the Only Truth, and nothing but Truth, In Him there is nothing false, yet our thinking of Him is in such disarray.  He’s gotta line it out for us, so that we could even begin to know Him, the everlasting Truth, in the sacrifice of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

At the beginning it seems like a hopeless journey, How will i EVER know the mind of the Lord? But today, it is indeed a blessing… How will i ever KNOW the mind of the Lord? It is beyond comprehension and beyond understanding, and overall good.

We could search every moment for all our days and never know Him completely, but know that today- and tomorrow- His mercies are new every morning.


One response to “i wish you a word.

  1. and the really awesome thing is that he WANTS us to know Him more. and He’s left HIS SPIRIT to live inside of us. Woh. amazing that we constantly just miss that.

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