Knowledge of the Holy

I once read about a Jewish rabbi, that spent his days praying that he would stay in Awe of God and who He is.  I tell you what, one writer takes me to that place faster than any other modern day writer and that’s AW Tozer.

What a blessing to know God, what a privilege.  May we stay in Awe today.

Here are my beginning notes, for Knowledge of the Holy.  More to come.

Knowledge of the Holy  – AW Tozer-
“The decline of knowledge of the Holy has brought on our troubles.”
1. Think Rightly about God.

  • Worship is pure.
  • Gravest question for a church is God.
  • Most revealing thing about a church is her idea about God.
  • What comes into your mind when you think about God?  Will determine most a man’s future.
  • Mightiest thing to entertain is the thought of God.
  • Scarce an error in doctrine or failure in ethics, which doesn’t return to an imperfect or ignoble thought about God.
  • We have an obligation to god, one of the weightiest and most crushing burdens that should be on a man’s shoulders.  *maybe the only obligation?
  • We speak because God spoke.  In him Word and idea are indivisible.
  • Idolatry is hateful… and a libel of God’s character. Begins in the mind, turns to thoughts, then to action.  Think RIGHTLY.
  • Idolaters imagine things about God and acts as if they are true.
  • To believe God is different then what He actually is, is heresy of the most insidious and deadly kind.
  • Heaviest obligation for the church is to purify and elevate their concept of God until it is once more worthy of Him.

2. God Incomprehensible

  • “What is God like?”
  • Not exactly like anything or anybody.
  • Crash past familiar to the unfamiliar, even to bring an unfamiliar thought to familiar conceptually, it has to associate with something we know, and makes it familiar.  This strains both thought and language.
  • To think of creature and creator as alike robs God as the “essential being” of most of his attributes, to reduce him to status of creature.
  • If God is infinite, there cannot be TWO infinites.  If God is sovereign, there cannot be two absolutely free beings in the universe.  These can only belong to ONE.
  • If we insist on trying to imagine him, we end with an idol.
  • Left to ourselves we tend immediately to reduce God to manageable terms.
  • How shall we think of God is indeed he is incomprehensible?
  • How shall we be held accountable to know what cannot be known.
  • God can be known, only as the Holy Spirit performs in the seeking heart an act of self-disclosure.
  • Deep calls to deep, though polluted and landlocked by the mighty disaster called the Fall, the soul senses its origin, and longs to return to its Source.
  • The Answer is simply, through Jesus Christ our Lord. – he shows himself not to reason, but to faith and love.  Faith an organ of knowledge, love an organ of experience.
  • God is of infinite greatness.
  • The divine being, hides behind a cloud of unknowing, nevertheless he should not be discouraged but set his will with naked intent unto God.  By the mercy of God, faith can break through the presence.  Allowing the understanding to leave behind all considerations and reasoning’s and be drawn toward.
  • Truly cannot know the incomprehensible God, except to know His attributes.
  • God cannot be put in a box.
  • Thought of God through Man can only reduce Him.

But maybe we can think of him.  Maybe we can never think rightly of Him, Maybe we can never in our depravity reach that end, but we can try.  He promises to reveal Himself to those who love and obey Him.  Hard to realize.  Works are not necessary for salvation.  That stands alone.  Now we move to what do you do next.  Hoping in that decision to “follow Christ”  we, i pray He is your everlasting Joy.  If not, i pray He becomes your everlasting Joy, because He is the ultimate reality.  The ONLY reality.

In Him everything was made, by Him all things are and through Him all things can be.  He is here.  Ever present, here.  Closer then you’ve ever imagined, here.  That brings me to an ultimately awesome revelation.

Rock your face off- type stuff.  Rock your face off.


One response to “Knowledge of the Holy

  1. my face is officially rocked off. lol. thanks for the link and the shout out. i’ve already got you linked on my page. i think you and ben (my husband) need to meet – i think you guys would enjoy each other’s conversation about God.

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