miracles redefined.

– I am not that brilliant of a writer, this was pulled from Chapter 11 in Miracles by CS Lewis and a lesson from Chandler from Luke 9, and my own thoughts on the matter, and the latter Chapter 12, and myself.

What if we are not the story?
What if your life, good as it has been, fulfilled in all the ways it has been, knowing the completeness of our Saviour and our God, we have missed the point?
What if we are a part of a bigger drama-  maybe the biggest drama in the whole wide world and you are not the main character?
What if thousands of things working have put you where you are today to read this one little excerpt to receive something greater?
What if your circumstances have been placed to reveal something greater to all those who come in contact with you?
This puts a huge weight on this writing, but more so, something to see.
What if you are not the ultimate reality?

If it is a largely American idea, of a man to say, i can do this-  and we can-  “I can get through this”, then why do so many fall to a lacking existence without joy.  Questioning at every turn, wondering, with fear and trembling pursuing but never finding?
What if a story was written to find you?  but not just you, to write a story about you that everyone else would see what it is about you that made you?

What if what made you was the ultimate Reality, the never ending Truth?  The only Fact in creation?
What if this Creator, by a miracle the ultimate Reality made a world of things and beings?
What if all we could speak about this creation was beauty, truth and goodness, a level in which all humanity can agree?
What if this creation was a miracle?
Would He preform another miracle?  But, what if this Creator has His purposes, preforms one and not the other?  What if this Creator is concrete, choosing, creative with a determinate character??
What if we were forced to choose?
What if the God who created this world is the truest principle anything can be true about?
If He creates individuals, He must be the most concrete and individual thing this world can be about.  If anything exists at all he must be the concrete reality, more so than any human ‘ideal’ or ‘value.’
Many times we refer to him as eternal, immortal, infinite, however the human term we refer to has more to do with human and human understanding than the Thing himself.
God has always had his own positive character.  We know that He invents, acts, creates, after that we have no reason for assuming in advance that he does not do miracles.  He transcends those limitations which we call personality, passion, change, materiality, and the like, the positive quality in Him which repels these limitations is their only ground for any negatives.

What if at all attempts to define this Reality we fail?
We must at each step in defining God, strip off our idea of God from some human attribute, but the real reason for stripping the limitation is to make room for putting some divine attribute.

He is unspeakable not by being indefinite, but by being too definitive for the unavoidable vagueness of language.
This is the point at which we reject religion. Rightly so.  Experience and get to know God.
The ultimate spiritual Reality is not vaguer, more inert, more transparent than the images but more positive, more dynamic and more opaque.  This is where we find confusion between Spirit and soul.  Much harm has been done here. If we have a picture of the Spirit, we should represent it as something heavier than matter.
We digress into Word, Passion, Love and whence these lyrics came and are defined, and work to listen to ‘the still small voice.’  And it is here that Christian imagery is least suggestive, yet here a huge Thing rests.  The stillness with which mystics approach Him is intent and alert.  Silences in the physical world occur in the empty places: but the ultimate Peace is silent though the density of life. Saying is swallowed up in being. The ultimate Reality is inevitably here.  Timeless.  Approaching, yet never gone.

“An ‘impersonal God’ – well and good. A subjective God of beauty, truth and goodness, inside our own heads, better still.  A formless life-force surging through us a vast power which we can tap- best of all.  But God Himself, alive pulling at the other end of the cord, perhaps approaching at an infinite speed, the hunter, king, husband- quite another matter.  There comes a moment when the children playing burglar hush suddenly:  was that a REAL footstep in the hall?  There comes a moment in which people who have been dabbling in religion suddenly draw back.  Supposing we really found Him?  or worse yet, suppose He found us?”  So at some point, one goes across or not.  “But if one does, there is no manner of security against miracles.  One may be in for anything.”

“If miracles do occur, then we may be sure that not to have wrought them would be the real inconsistency.”
Who are we to tell the writer of the story what to write?  Miracles are no accident.
How a miracle can be no inconsistency, but the highest consistency, will be clear to those who know; Christ was no accident.  There was not a point in this story when God said, Crap, backup.

Ok, now they need a Saviour, but from being beginning and end, the ultimate Reality had the knowledge, plan and power to preform this act in Himself.  The Resurrection was not an accident in which the Author placed a Hero because the situation got a bit out of control.

So in conclusion, if miracles have occurred they may be the very thing this universal story is about.  They are not exceptions, nor irrelevancies but the very point at which the plot turns.

A hard Truth to face, but truth nonetheless.  Are you part of the story?  Define your miracle.


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