miracle of a Saviour

i was reading CS again today, miracles, after a great comeback sermon by my pastor, Todd Wagner, about miracles, the miracle of the healing of the demon-possessed man in Mark 5, and how they direct you to the Saviour and most of time not to the actual miracle. Demons would rather be in pigs than Hell, Pigs would rather be dead than demon-possessed, people in the light of this miracle want to follow or ask Him to leave. People watching have one of two reactions, they recognize the greatness of this Saviour, or they ask Him to leave the region.  I appreciate the sermon, but i feel there is more to the subject than mentioned in the sermon today.  I have been going through a complete refining of my thinking about Spirit, miracles and God lately.  Some of it a clear refining, others a redefining of everything i’ve ever thought or supposed about God, who He is, and now, what He does.  All this tempered, and based on the Word, i hope, not just CS, though his linear and sometimes abstract thinking brings me to some refined conclusions.

thinking through this.  I believe in a God of Miracles.  One, because CS has literally convinced me of it. We start here, If there is a creation, which we do see, there must be a Creator.  We must therefore ask the question.  He created this Creation, what would prevent from setting one maybe two events to occur at His bidding or will.  Either random acts just occur in this supposed Orderly Creation of Nature, or there could be a God who interjects at His will. He could also allow things to occur outside of Him that are not of Him, such as sin, though ultimately Sovereign.  Moving on, Many believe in Nature, we worship sun gods, or gods of corn, or wine, an iphone, today i would say we worship society.   But the ultimate question, believing in a God of Creation, would this Creator continue to interact?

We must therefore conclude whether this Creator either does, or does not interact with this creation.  In John 3 it says, “For God so loved the world”  and His Son, HE came to this world to redeem it. If creation is a miracle, let’s call it miracle one, miracle two, would be the Incarnation.  That God would come as Man to this world.  And a ripple effect ensues.  As a follower of Christ today, there is no possible way we would not believe in miracles.  Resurrection of the Dead and Redemption processes all become possibilities, now the question today is the probability for today.  What is the probability that God would do a miracle today?

As i have read through the Old Testament through the last few months, I am continually amazed at how much God interacts with His creation.  How much He puts things into effect, causes things to be, or not to be and how the people, though they acknowledge Him sometimes, tend to fall quickly away from the Truth that is directly before them, in Him.

So, i must ask the question today.  How much, of the thousand or so events that caused you to read this blog today could bring you to the point to question miracles?  To ask our God whether or not He would do as He has done, and if He won’t, why not?

So then, i would say.  God does do miracles.  The Ultimate miracle, being the Incarnation of God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, through the Resurrection of his body and spirit, and glorification. And i would answer the question, ‘What is the probability that God would do a miracle today?” with, why would God not do a miracle today?  Why do we have this negative mindset, in the light of a living God, that He would not interact with us? Why have we become so numb to God that we think him inert.  I hope we hold Him holy, but didn’t he come to earth for us why would He stop?

As i read CS today, CS mentioned “a God who washes Man’s feet.”  And i stopped.  Selah.

God himself washed man’s feet.  He would wash your feet today.  He is a Servant Lord.  Not as one placed solely in the heavens to do your miracle bidding, but that He wants what’s ultimately best for you, His believers, and for His creation.  Miracles, the vicariousness of them, why some and not others?  should not be the question.  But the true question is, why are my eyes not open to seeing the miracle in today?  Indeed, it is a miracle that again, the sun rose today.

We live in a society that discounts miracles because at the outset they seem at the least, improbable.  Yet, i would venture to question the mindset, more so then question the Nature of God himself.  Why is man so prone to believing in ourselves?  Why do we believe God has left us today as orphans on this earth until He returns?  This is where i have lost hope in the past, but i have no lack of Hope today.  I know that My Redeemer lives.  I have a profession of faith from God himself, and a Saviour.

This is why i write the name Saviour, as such.  Saviour.  Set apart.  We don’t spell it like that here in America.  They did in Sydney at Hillsong, and i have carried it since.  Saviour.  Something special about the U.  Something special of this idea of a Saviour that lives and acts in you for His good purpose.  This brings you to something greater, an ultimate calling.  Yes, we find things to live for, yes we are human creatures.  Creatures, either completely depraved or born into a world so depraved that we cannot live without sinning, but we know One who did.  One who persisted persecution and trials of this life to bring a miracle to your heart, and bring about the revelation of a good God who lives in you.

So i profess today, i believe in miracles, and a God who does them.  Whether He does all the time, why not or what for, i do not claim to understand.  But He knows and He does.

And i pray that i, quoting the words of JTB in John 3, “for the One whom God sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit” and I pray for myself and you a greater impartation of the Spirit to understand this wonderful mystery of miracles.


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