i feel like…

So i feel like, I’ve overdone the spirituality on the blog lately.  Can you get too much of God? i just don’t have anywhere else to turn.  So i go to music, bought tickets to Ray Lamontagne, turned up a little GLove, downloaded a free Phil Wickham CD.

I don’t know, is it ok to cope with music?  Is it coping?

or laughing…

I was laughing last night… at the sounds we make when we pray.  Like the thing mentioned was just what you needed to hear.  Trying to make that groan that comes from the Spirit.  nuff said.

I could write paragraph after paragraph about this, but i don’t know if it’s sacrelig. or funny.   I think God laughs mucho.  Though a serious dood, the irony of this life and this world have to be somewhat humorous.  How could you set up this flesh system to help us understand the Spirit.   It’s like giving a boy a paper airplane and telling him to fly.  How could you pit good against evil and not at some point laugh at how we, dumber than rats, continue to jump into the evil pot, and not choose the good pot.

Ha, good pot.

Have a blessed day.

Who says that anyway?  Blessed day.  sounds SUPER cheezy.

I miss those sarcastic spells I used to have where I literally made fun of everything and just laughed and laughed for hours and hours on end at Us.  I miss the honesty of life outside of Christianity, even in the fakeness, and untrueness to yourself today.  I miss the brutality of it, and the fight everyday to beat everyone, and to be the absolute best.   I know today this fight is futile, and the message is weak, but i must say, it was fun for a season.  Maybe that’s what i gotta find, a new way to see this.  I need new eyes.

Some thing so heavy, powerful, and brutal came and dropped a bombshell on this life when I processed life.   I know He is a creative God and a God of wonders.  I think it’s worth smiling about today.


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