Back to the Basics

Done with the minutia.  I’m working to find five main line activities that I should display everyday of my life.

1. Only grace, only faith, only by the work of Christ am I here today.

2. Simplicity of Gospel.  We complicate things with our story, history or hurts.

3. Daily repentance and confession.  I should daily.  Where am I wrong?

4. Sanctity of Satire.  Everyone needs a laugh. Confusious say… Bald man, not good barber.

5. Expressing grace for joy and glorification of Christ.

Why do anything else?  If I wake up, purpose for the glory of God and work to bring Him glory, its a good day.  Not that I add anything to or take away from His glory.  Not that anything I do makes Him better or more glorious, but strictly for my joy.

Maybe I could work to love others the way that He loves us.  Not that I will ever truly display the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.  Not that my love makes Him complete, but that He does make me complete.

I will purpose to fear less and risk more – with wisdom and knowledge in Christ.

I will purpose to confess continually.

I will purpose to resolve conflict immediately.  There is no point in carrying the burden, just seek to know gospel and look at the foot of the cross.

I will purpose to forgive as I’ve been forgiven.  With abandon, I can own sin and acknowledge a default mechanism of brokenness.  Being brought then to the table of reconciliation, and leaving with hope, not by my will, but His.

Know where you’ll go when you die.  I want to know what my hope is.  I wish to know my trajectory, with all sin being covered by the extreme power in the cross – past, present and future.  Nothing surprises Him, no sin makes him look at you differently or even causes Him to raise a brow.  He loves you enough not to leave you there.

The word is our only hope.  We often mistake God, religion, truth for a cultural decision or a historical hurt.  If we recognize the truth of God, state whom He is, what He’s done and what He will do, the rest is laid out there for you to fill the earth and subdue.

The opposite of happiness, is not sadness, it is boredom- be exciting.

The opposite of love, is not hate, it is inaction- be affectionate.

The opposite of positive, is not negative, it is conflict- work for unity.

God is the creator God.  No other thing has been or will be created, outside of His will.  We merely imitate, but we can work to imitate from the top down, not from the ground up.  That seems to be where we get in trouble.

Lord, help me find the basics and know you more.  My heart cry’s out.


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