Memorial Day Blessings and Skydiving.

Memorial day, watched band of brothers, the trip of the 101st airborne during WWII, with my bride this weekend. We also jumped out of a plane. Always good to refresh my gratitude for all our servicemen have done to fight for our freedom.

Thoughts on business today:
Whenever I evaluate the corporate world, I am burdened with deception and a loss of truth within industry. I evaluate my place in light of Christ and I am humbled to be given a place to testify to the goodness of God and a hope eternal, not to what is happening here. I purpose to do something different, to give with abandon. I purpose to establish a business with interest in changing the world for this cause and begin with the end in mind. Knowing my reasons for doing this are not for fame, fortune or notoriety, but because God has burdened and gifted me with something that others might not have. The world imitates to destroy and ruin. God creates to give life to the full. I purpose to find life and grant freely to other people.

Prodigal God-Keller. “The person motivated by love rather than fear will not only obey the letter of the law, but will eagerly seek new ways to carry out business with transparency and integrity. Honesty born of fear does nothing to root out the fundamental cause of evil in the world- the radical self-centeredness of the human heart.”
“… All change comes from the deepening of your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out of the changes that understanding creates in your heart.”

A sweet evening to crown a memorial weekend. To finish Band of Brothers with my bride. To attend a party with friends(Hank). To go to a wedding of Noah and Heather Brown, very nice. To jump from a plane with Los, Hank and my bride. To speak with an engaged Laurel, about Cody. To love deeply and experience much, God has indeed granted much favor and love. Don’t ride the waves. Even in the midst of a tough season at work. To finish Prodigal God with such a sweet message. To go to CR with eight men showing up to thank Him for the freedom with which He has set us free. Gal. 5.1- Christ alone. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.


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